Parish Council Meeting
Wednesday 12th April 5pm – 7pm
Milford Community Centre

After reading about the recent events in the village voice last weekend, I spoke to Sarah Pitt at the Parish Council.

The Parish council were approached by a Land Agent a few weeks ago and Sarah said that they were taken aback by how quickly this has progressed, with no forewarning from NFDC. The Land agent is Terrence O’ Rourke Ltd a Design and Planning company which specialise in creating ‘environments’.

The land in question is the Nursery site, to the north of Barnes Lane not the field behind Barnes Lane and off Greenways. However, last week whilst working in my study upstairs, I noticed a man taking photographs in this field. I immediately scooted round and went and asked him what he was doing (politely of course). He was taking photographs supposedly for a hedgerow study for John the owner. I asked if he was a Land Agent and he said yes.

This meeting will be where Terrence O’ Rourke Ltd will be putting forward their proposals. It all seems finalised to me and I am dismayed that NFDC have not been at all considerate with regards to the Greenbelt Issue.

It is important that we all attend this to find out exactly what is going on.

Debi Peters from Blanchards in Barnes Lane.

You may or may not have seen the Local Plan Review from NFDC
regarding development in Milford on Sea.

Coming on top of the 30 new homes at School Lane which we understand is likely now to be  40 new homes, is  this new proposal  for a further 270 homes on the northern edge of the village. At this rate, we will no longer be a village but evolve into a town.

Milford on Sea is one of the prettiest villages in the south of the New Forest area, unique in its position on a peninsula, you don’t drive through Milford on Sea on your way to anywhere, you go to Milford on Sea or out again.

This new proposal includes building over greenbelt land, along roads such as Barnes Lane which already has restriction signs as it is such a narrow and winding road but perhaps the most significant factor to the village as a whole is the huge strain this will put on the current infrastructure.

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I think most people understand there is a need for more housing in the UK but these numbers are very significant for such a small and unique village where numbers are swelled anyway during the summer months by tourists who come here because of Milford’s beauty. We need to urge the NFDC  to concentrate of redevelopment and expansion on brown field sites and not just look at carving up the countryside. One of the fundamental reasons for the green belt is to allow villages to keep their own identity and to stop urban sprawl whereby one area simply merges into the other.

NFDC admit that building over the greenbelt cannot be undertaken unless all other non-greenbelt options have been considered and exhausted before releasing greenbelt land can take place. They also have to demonstrate that the area has this housing need in the first place. I for one am not convinced that either of these points has been satisfactorily achieved in the case of our village. For further info on the greenbelt itself please see that piece written by Phil Flint who is researching this aspect for us.

In addition to the visual impact these proposals will be felt most acutely in access to.

  • Milford Medical Centre
  • Milford Primary School
  • Congestion on B3058 out of Milford on to A337
  • Parking in the village

NFDC also recognise the following obstacles in their own proposal and they list:

  • Flooding
  • Retention of established Rights of Way
  • Land within Green Belt, areas that relatively strongly or moderately meets the purpose of Green Belt
  • Downtown Manor Quarry a safeguarded Minerals Site
  • Tree Preservation Orders along the northern perimeter
  • Retaining visual containment by robust typical protection vegetation to the north.

The questions you need to ask yourself, which the NFDC will be looking at when they produce the required  Sustainability Appraisal Scoping Report are:

  • Will it reduce fear of Crime ( they are looking into additional provision for Gypsies and travellers -Page 50 5.72)
  • Will it improve road safety especially for vulnerable groups such as pedestrians, cyclists and young people
  • Will it reduce noise pollution
  • Will it ensure accessible buildings and external spaces

Relevant Documents from NFDC

Useful information from & for residents

There are of course many other considerations and to see all these you will need to read the full report.

What we need you to do is to make your voice heard. The initial consultation period closes 16th September and one could cynically say the choice of the summer holiday period to have this is not helpful to the community and therefore in an attempt to redress this I have commissioned this website to help you make your response.

Here you will find the address and email of the person you need to contact as well as sample letters you can use. These are in word format so you can adapt them, add or remove points you want to make. You can also download the report here. It is big and it takes a long time to download from the NFDC site so this is the quickest way to get it.

You can either then print off your letter and send it or you can send your letter directly from this site, I will do both.

It is important to note that the Council are asking for you to complete their online Consultation Survey and consultation form, which in fact are optional, a letter would suffice, so long as your Name, address and signature are present. We have for ease of use also part completed these forms for you if you so wish to accompany them with a letter on this website.

This will affect everyone in the village so I would like everyone to have their say. If this is important to you please email details of this site to at least 10 other people you know in the village of, even relatives and friends who may have lived or stayed here before and want to see the village preserve its identity.

Please click the links below, where you will find the example letters that you can use to object.
Alternatively, object through the council’s consultation response form or online survey.

How to object

There are three ways to object:

  1. Download one of our sample letters of objection (just above)
  2. Fill in our online form, and we will send our standard objection to NFDC (just below)
  3. Complete the NFDC Consultation Response form.
Contact form

For your submission to be accepted by NFDC, we have to collect a postal address. It will be treated with the highest care, and not shared with any third party, expect New Forest District Council.


The contact details for any questions / objections are as follows:


Call: 0238028 5538

Write to:
Policy and Plans Team,
New Forest District Council,
Appletree Court,
Beaulieu Road,
Hampshire SO43 7PA.